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Luther's provocative theses had an effect on the everyday life of the people and left traces to this day. Use the Luther Pass as a guide through eleven places in three countries to trace Luther and his time. In each city you will find a stamp that makes your Luther Pass unique to your memories.

A passport of the kind that helps overcome barriers. 

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AF LKEE BadLieb 98476

Mühlberg/Elbe Herzberg/Elster Doberlug-Kirchhain Finsterwalde Bad Liebenwerda Torgau Jüterbog Lutherstadt Wittenberg Stempelorte small Doberlug-Kirchhain Mühlberg/Elbe Bad Liebenwerda Finsterwalde Torgau Herzberg/Elster Jüterbog Lutherstadt Wittenberg

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weekend in the Elbe-Elster-region inclusive two overnight stays und many additional surprises
vouchers for art and culture events in the region
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Why Lutherpass?

Lutherpass, Lutherjah, Passport LutherLuther unites. This - admittedly slightly provocative thesis - arose in the preparation and ideas for this pass.

For this reason, where a passport is normally also used as an identification document, a separating country (countries), this special vacation document, the Luther Pass, also begins.


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